Salem High School’s Advanced Placement courses are college-level classes in a wide variety of subjects that you can take while still in high school. They offer you challenging course work and a taste of what college classes are like.

What Is An AP Class Like?

• College-like classes in a high school classroom
• A more immersive setting
• Student perspective matters in discussion and debate that drives the class
• Risks can be taken in a familiar environment with support

What Does It Take To Succeed In AP?

• Commitment to pushing and challenging yourself as a student
• Motivation to develop college and career ready skills
• Curiosity to explore and critically analyze

What Are The Benefits Of Taking AP Classes?

• Increased academic rigor helps prepare for the challenges faced in the typical college classroom
• Help stand out from the crowd in the college application process
• Potential to skip introductory courses during your freshman year
• Development of the skills needed to succeed in college and career skills including:
   • Critical thinking and analysis
              • Prioritization and time management
              • Research and writing
• College credit can be earned
• Weighted GPA