Salem High School Music Department – We’re so excited to meet you and welcome you to our musical family!

The Music Department at Salem High School has so much to offer our students at every possible level of skill, experience, motivation and interest! Built with passion, positivity, persistence and pride, the Music Department boasts a wide range of courses, ensembles, and other opportunities. One of the pillars of the Music Department is that everyone is welcome and it is never too late to get involved, learn to play an instrument, sing, join the colorguard, compose or arrange music and more. Our performing groups perform at school and community events and travel throughout Massachusetts and around the country to perform in concerts, parades, competitions, festivals, ceremonies and other events.

Why Join The Music Department?

  • You’ll be surrounded by students from all different backgrounds that share the same musical interests and passions that you do! You will develop lifelong friendships with other music department students of all ages!
  • You’ll work with a team of dedicated and talented teachers who are passionate about guiding your musical growth!
  • You’ll develop musical and lifelong skills including time management, goal setting, teamwork, perseverance, self-discipline, and leadership!
  • You’ll create Music. Music affects the brain. Hearing it. Playing it. Performing it. The skills involved in playing music keeps the brain active and growing. Music is uplifting and brings joy to everyone it reaches!

What Non-Ensemble Electives are available at SHS?

  • Piano Class
  • Exploring Music
  • Music Two
  • Advanced Placement Music Theory
  • Exploring Jazz
  • Advanced Jazz
  • Digital Music

What Performing Ensembles are available at SHS?

  • Chorus
  • Chamber Singers (by audition)
  • Concert Band
  • Wind Ensemble (by audition)
  • Marching Band
  • String Orchestra
  • Symphony Orchestra

What Music Extra-Curricular Ensembles and Activities are available at SHS?

  • Brass Ensemble
  • Jazz Band
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Witch Pitch?! A Capella
  • Fall and Winter Colorguard
  • Tri-M Music Honor Society
  • Private Lesson Program
  • Performance and Cultural Trips
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Recitals and Chamber Ensembles

What Pathways will I be prepared for after high school?

Making music post-high school: Salem Community Band

Careers in Music

The College Audition Process

Targeted guidance for students who would like to major/minor in music


We are the Salem High School Music Boosters. Our mission is to support the music/drama programs at Salem High School in Salem, MA. Many of the musicians participate in more than one of our programs.

To learn more about the opportunities we offer, explore our website linked here!

With Pride,

The Salem High School Music Boosters