The SHS Senior Internship Program is an opportunity to apply content proficiency to post-secondary readiness. Students align post-secondary goals with an internship experience that engages them in challenging and work-based-learning opportunities. The internships build student agency, professional networks, and experience with community service.

The first four weeks of the internship prepare students with the basic “soft skills” that they will need in order to successfully establish an internship. They engage in: expectations/policy, career exploration, skill self-assessment, post-high school planning, filling out a job application, resume building, emailing etiquette, making phone calls, elevator pitches, building a schedule/time-management, and searching for and solidifying an internship.

During their internship, students continue to work on various soft-skill development activities including communication, technology/social media, workplace safety, leadership development, social justice and diversity, financial literacy, and interview readiness. The program culminates with an Expo Project in which students present a summary of their internship connected and supported their post-secondary goals.