Welcome to SHS Library, a place where all are welcome and where all students can feel safe and represented.  Whether you need help finding your next read, want to check out our growing Manga collection, want to complete a jigsaw puzzle, or need a place to collect yourself, the SHS IMC is the place for you. We’re always here to help and to listen.


Meet the SHS IMC Staff
Beth Bright, Librarian
Karyn Smith, Library Paraprofessional

SHS Library Hours and Guidelines for Library Use:

  • M-F 7:20 am – 4 PM, not open after school on half-days or during staff meetings/PD days.
  • If Ms. Bright or Mrs. Smith are not in the library, then it is considered closed, IT staff are not library staff substitutes, and no student should be in the IMC when we are not present.
  • Everyone is welcome! You must have an approved SmartPass, by either Ms. Bright or Mrs. Smith to be in the library during your class time.  Passes are not needed during lunchtime if it’s YOUR lunchtime, or after school.  
  • There is no eating in the library, not even during lunch.  We have snacks to-go, we ask that you have are patient when requesting your snack during busy library times.
  • You don’t have to be silent but please keep your voices at a respectable level, there are others working all around us.
  • Games, puzzles, coloring sheets, etc. are available each day but if you can’t respect the materials, or the library space, then they will be put away.
  • All lost or damaged books must be replaced or paid for by the time you graduate.  Please see Ms. Bright or Mrs. Smith for more information

What your library can do for you:

  • Do you know of a great title we NEED to have in our collection?  Send me a title suggestion here
  • Want to search our catalog?  Click here
  • Would you like to put a book on hold or request one from a different school?  Fill out the form here
  • Do you like to read digitally?  All SHS students have access to a FREE reading app named Sora.  Log in here.  If you’ve never used Sora before, you will need to see Ms. Bright to login for the first time.
  • Check out the Sora instructions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
    Coming soon to Sora, MAGAZINES!
  • Need help with a research project?  Try these great databases! (Note, you will need to be logged into your school Google Learn account to access these databases while at home)

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Happy Reading Witches!